Cafe Lota

Crafts Museum, Pragati Maidan, Hours 08:00 – 22:00

Lota similarly offers a representation of the incredibly diverse food across the country, with a uniquely contemporary flavour.
The menu changes often to encompass both seasonal and regional favourites and on any given day you can find a Parsi salli boti or a chingri prawn from Orissa. Our food and beverages strive to be as authentic as we can get them and we are always looking for opportunities to learn in someone’s home kitchen! This is also the place to head to if you want to try alternative grains (millet, amaranth, red rice) and unusual combinations of chutneys and sauces accompany our food.



Crafts Museum,
Bhairo Marg, Pragati Maidan
Delhi, India

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+91 7838960787